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Primary and High School school offer

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Colis d’Art at Home

Artistic discovery has no age!

You can buy it for yourself, start or enrich an art collection. You can get it to experience a beautiful moment of creation, alone, with your friends, your children and even your grandchildren! However, since the creation tools require some dexterity and may have small parts, we recommend that adults accompany children under 10 years old in their discovery.

The creative workshops allow you to explore the medium used by the artist. Each package contains a tool to explore a technique by yourself, at your own pace.

For example, in the first Colis d’Art, of the artist Marie-France Tremblay, a mini silkscreen screen offers the exploration of printing and reproduction technique with inks provided in the box. A weblink leads to a series of video clips, including a tutorial explaining how to use the tool, while a second clip presents a host of ideas for creating screen-printed projects for all ages.

$300.00 for the subscription: This includes 4 Colis d’art sent by mail and a digital package sent by email.

By subscribing, you not only have all packages delivered for free, but receive the equivalent of two free packages.

$85.00 per Colis d’Art, plus $10.00 for delivery costs.

$25.00 per Colis d’Art – Digital version.

With the subscription, there are no shipping fees!

For boxes sold individually, $10.00 fees are added for Quebec and Ontario. For other Canadian provinces, delivery charges are calculated based on the address, at checkout.

Colis d’Art boxes are available for sale on our website’s Shop section. These are launched once per season.


Subscribers will automatically receive an email when their package is sent.

Each subscription includes 4 packages sent by mail and one package sent by email. You will therefore receive 5 artworks and 5 creation workshops by subscribing.

Mailing dates may vary. To know the date of your next shipment, visit

No, like a magazine, when you subscribe you receive the next package to be launched. To obtain a package from previous months, it must be purchased individually through our website’ Shop section, depending on its availability.

Absolutely! Each year we will be presenting the work of five different Canadian artists.

If the box and its contents are intact, it is possible to obtain a refund, no questions asked. Contact us at, and to get a return voucher. Once the package has been received at our office, we will proceed with a refund directly to your credit card.

If Colis d’Art ceases its activities, subscribers will receive a notice and a refund will be paid to them for any packages not received.

We use Purolator delivery services.

Once a package is shipped, a tracking number is sent to you automatically by email so you can track your package.

In Quebec, packages are received approximately two to three days after shipping. However, delays beyond our control may occur.

The Musee Ambulant is not responsible for the theft,  loss or in case of a package being damaged during the shipping process. These are the responsibility of the carrier.

Packages are only shipped in Canada at this time.

The Colis d’Art boxes are made available for sale in our website’s Shop section. We launch one per season.

Subscribers will automatically receive an email when their package is sent.

The artists are revealed about a month before packages are sent. Follow our social media to receive the latest news. Subscribe to our newsletter and let’s stay connected!

Jeanne Couture, Co-Director General and Artistic Director of the Musee Ambulant, is the Colis d’Art curator. If you are an artist and you wish to show us your work, please contact Jeanne at

They vary according to the artist but they fit in a shoebox.

Eco-responsibility is very important to the Musee Ambulant. It accompanies the Musee’s day to day practices. The boxes contain little or no single-use material and printing is limited to reduce their environmental impact.

The box is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. However, we encourage you to keep it to store your treasures!

You will find an access code inside the box which gives you exclusive mediation content related to your package. For example, you will have access to an interview with the artist, tips for using your creative tool, creative tips, and much more!

Enter your code on our site to discover all the videos clips.

For any questions regarding the Colis d’Art, you can reach us at