Colis d’Art Brochu/Yates

85,00 $ + tx

Explore stop motion animation with the Brochu/Yates Colis d’Art!

Save by choosing the annual subscription!


The Brochu/Yates Colis d’Art includes:

  • 1 original artwork by the artist Charles-Étienne Brochu
  • 1 link to download an art video game created by Charles-Étienne Brochu
  • 1 illustrated sleeve created by the artist Myriam Yates
  • 3 blank phenakistoscope
  • 4 wooden pencils
  • A pencil sharpener
  • 1 pencil and a thumbtack
  • 1 access code to exclusive content on our website’s Secured Area
  • 1 flyer presenting the artists

This complete set will allow you to familiarize yourself with the stop motion technique.

To help you start your adventure, video tutorials are available in the Secured Area of the Musee Ambulant website. The password is provided with each purchase.

Taxes and shipping fees not included. Free shipping for purchases of 100$ and more.

Happy discovery!


About Charles-Étienne Brochu,  artist included in this Colis d’Art

Charles-Étienne draws digitally in several ways: illustration, animation, 3D modeling, video games and even creating virtual reality experiences. The artworkart work presented in the Colis d’Art stems from an immersive project developed in three ways for Colis d’Art. In his artwork, he stages micro-stories that are sometimes playful, humorous, squeaky or ambivalent. To learn more, visit the artist’s website.


About Myriam Yates, artist featured on the sleeve of this Colis d’Art

Photographer and videographer, Myriam is interested in the construction of public space, in the dynamics of urban space, in the junctions between development and nature, as well as the notion of territory. In her art, we find modern or transitional sites that she examines for their architectural and town-planning quality. Inspired by Charles-Étienne’s artwork, Myriam had fun creating a dialogue between the two sides of the cover.To learn more, visit the artist’s website.

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