Colis d’Art Boney/Pétrin

85,00 $ + tx

Explore the art of clay modeling with the Colis d’Art Boney/Pétrin!

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The Boney/Pétrin Colis d’art includes:

  • 1 original artwork by the artist Ludovic Boney
  • 1 illustrated sleeve created by the artist Dominique Pétrin
  • The following material needed for the clay modeling workshop
    • 1 block of clay
    • 1 clay modeling tool set
    • 1 cardboard work surface
  • 1 access code to exclusive content in our website’s Secured Area
  • 1 flyer presenting the artists

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About Ludovic Boney, featured artist in the Colis d’art

Ludovic is inspired by architecture and the spirit of a place. His sculptures display bright, contrasting colors that contrast with the environment that welcomes them. It is a palette easily recognizable in the urban landscape since nearly thirty of his sculptures have been incorporated into public spaces. Your parcel contains four ceramic sculptures, fragments of the imposing installation Sous les Chatons. This piece, exhibited between 2017 and 2020, originally contained 15,000 catkins suspended from the gallery ceiling, creating a vault enveloping the viewer. To learn more, visit the artist’s website.


About Dominique Pétrin, artist featured on the sleeve of this Colis d’Art
Dominique is interested in different ways of altering perception by thwarting the processes of vision.  For more than 10 years, she has created immersive spaces by wrapping surfaces in screen-printed papers creating new places where colors, shapes and patterns collide. Her research on optical effects and visual perception phenomena are clearly visible on the cover. To learn more, visit the artist’s website.

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