Colis d’Art Descôteaux-Borowska/Groulx

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Explore the art of weaving with Colis d’Art Descôteaux-Boroswka/Groulx!

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The Descôteaux-Borowska/Groulx Colis d’Art includes:

  • 1 original artwork by the artists Annie Descôteaux and Sophia Borowska
  • 1 illustrated sleeve created by the artist Anne-Marie Groulx
  • A mini weaving loom 3D printed in the Musee Ambulant’s workshop
  • A needle
  • Fibers for weaving
  • 1 access code to exclusive content on our website’s Secured Area
  • Flyer presenting the artists

This complete set will allow you to familiarise yourself with the weaving technique.

To help you start your adventure, video tutorials are available in the Secured Area of the Musee Ambulant website. The password is provided with each purchase.

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Happy discovery !


About Annie Descôteaux et Sophia Borowska,  artist included in this Colis d’Art

Inspired by the interdisciplinary practices of Anni Albers, Sonia Delaunay, Sophie Tauber-Arp and Nathalie du Pasquier – who lend their names to this series – Descôteaux-Borowska are interested in the shape layouts, color contrasts, fiber textures, to the movements of the lines and to the possibilities offered of Jacquard weaving. To learn more about the artist visit their website : Annie Descôteaux & Sophia Borowska.


About Anne-Marie Groulx, artist featured on the sleeve of this Colis d’Art

Anne-Marie is interested in mathematics and the patterns inherent in weaving techniques. She is fascinated by the engineering and architecture explored in her work, in particular those with hanging devices, that give the fabric a three-dimensional appearance. Always very colorful, her pieces are full of patterns and shapes that contrast creating optical games. To learn more about the artist visit her website.

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