Colis d’Art K. Phaneuf/Doyon-Rivest

85,00 $ + tx

Explore poetry and the art of bookbinding with Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf.

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The K. Phaneuf/Doyon-Rivest Colis d’Art includes:

  • 1 original artwork by artist Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf;
  • 1 illustrated sleeve created by artist duo Doyen-Rivest;
  • 1 homemade bookbinding tool kit:
    • 3 bookbinding tools;
    • 1 spool of thread and a needle;
    • 1 X-Acto knife;
    • 1 cutting board;
  • 1 access code to exclusive content in our website’s Secured Area;
  • 1 flyer presenting the artists.

Shipping fees are not included (free shipping for any purchase of $100.00 or more, only in Quebec province).

About Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf, artist featured in the Colis d’Art
Evolving in the fields of literature and the visual arts, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf (MAKP) is interested in popular culture. His works are a collection of objects, series of drawings, collages, or words – lists – in which a poetry emerges from everyday objects and themes, those known by everyone. For Colis d’Art, he has created an artist’s book in which hockey, Quebecois’ adored sport, is celebrated in many ways. To learn more about the artis, visit his website.

About Doyen-Rivest, artist duo featured on the sleeve
This duo, joining artists Simon Rivest and Mathieu Doyon, is interested in the codes of communication and its eclectic aesthetics. In their work, the duo creates works that raise questions, initiate discussions. Humor and the diversion of visual codes are the heart of their practice. Like MAKP, Doyon-Rivest are interested in popular culture and its manifestations. To learn more about the duo, visit their website.

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