Colis d’arts kit JEREZANO / LANTHIER

85,00 $ + tx

Two techniques to soar into the world of bird puppet making!

This Colis d’art kit contains:

  • 1 artist’s book by Erik Jerezano
  • 1 sleeve created by Josiane Lanthier
  • 1 flier introducing both artists
  • 1 code to access exclusive content on our website 

A paper puppet

  • 1 cardboard bird to cut out
  • 2 compostable straws
  • 1 wooden stick
  • 15 laser-cut cardboard feathers

A wooden automaton

  • 18 pieces of laser-cut wood
  • 3 nuts
  • 3 bolts
  • 1 tube of glue
  • 1 3D printed plastic handle
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About Erik Jerezano, the artist behind the kit:

Originally from Mexico and living in Toronto, Erik Jerezano creates worlds inspired by his culture. These fantastic fables are made up of half-human, half-beast animals. For Colis d’art, Erik produced a risograph zine. The zine features 12 digital drawings of creatures at different stages of transformation.

To learn more about his work, visit Erik’s Instagram (@erikjerezano_art).

About Josiane Lanthier, the artist behind the sleeve:

The sleeve features a painting of the river near Baie-Saint-Paul by landscape painter Josiane Lanthier. The work reflects Josiane’s sensitivity to light and to the changes of the seasons. Her choice of colors and their surprising juxtaposition add a touch of poetry to the sleeve.


To learn more about her work, visit Josiane’s website (

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