Colis d’Art Lehmann/Valade

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Explore the art of photography and cyanotype with Colis d’Art Lehmann/Valade!

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The Lehmann/Valade Colis d’art includes:

  • 1 original artwork by artist Mériol Lehmann
  • 1 illustrated sleeve created by artist Mathieu Valade
  • The following material needed for the cyanotype workshop:
    • 1 visor
    • 1 pair of latex gloves
    • 5 sheets of handmade paper
    • 2 syringes to measure volumes  
    • 5 ml of chemistry A
    • 5 ml of chemistry B
    • 5 pads to apply liquids 
  • 1 access code to exclusive content in our website’s Secured Area
  • Flyer featuring the artists

About Mériol Lehmann,  artist included in this Colis d’Art

Born in Switzerland and immigrated to Lac-Saint-Jean more than 30 years ago, Mériol is an artist who documents rural space. He is interested in the land, how we inhabit it, how we use it and how humans have transformed it over time. For Colis d’Art, the artist has produced a brand-new photographic series that explores the Saint-Isidore country lane, where the Lehmann family farm is located. To learn more about the artist visit their website.

About Mathieu Valade, artist featured on the sleeve of this Colis d’Art

Mathieu is interested in contradictions and détournement. Stemming from minimalism and conceptual art, his works are often presented with a touch of humor, playing with scales and revisiting genres. Inspired by the Saguenay sky, the sleeve created especially for Colis d’Art, invites our gaze to plunge into infinity and its possibilities. To learn more about the artist, you can visit his website.

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