Colis McCavour/Triangle

85,00 $ + tx

Try out embroidery as a way to draw through three-dimensional space with the McCavour / Triangle Colis d’art kit! 

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This Colis d’art kit contains:


  • Two embroidered artworks by the artist Amanda McCavour
  • A sleeve made by the Triangle Collective
  • An 8-inch embroidery hoop
  • Two blue fabric pieces (12” x 12” in size)
  • A needle threader
  • Embroidery needles
  • Embroidery thread in 4 colors
  • A flier introducing both artists
  • 1 code to access exclusive content on our website 

About Amanda McCavour, the artist behind the kit


Amanda is a Toronto-based textile artist who uses embroidery as a way to draw lines within three-dimensional spaces. Her delicate sculptures and installations seem to be composed of levitating threads. To create this magic, Amanda machine embroiders onto fabric that dissolves in water. When the fabric melts away and only the thread remains, a shape that looks like it could have been drawn with a pencil appears.

To learn more about Amanda’s work, find her on Instagram (@amandamccavour)


About the Triangle Collective, the artists behind the sleeve


Triangle is a collective interested in creating playful, surprising and avant-garde audiovisual art. The project is a collaboration between new electronic music composer Carmen Jaci and visual artists Nathalie Vanderveken and Matthew Schoen. By reimagining everyday objects and extracting them from their original context, the collective creates new structures with undefined purposes. 

To learn more about Triangle’s work, find them on Instagram (@collectiftriangle)


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