Colis Mesnard/Truong

85,00 $ + tx

Explore clay engraving and the pinch pot technique with Colis Mesnard / Truong

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The package includes

  • 1 original artwork by Fanny Mesnard
  • 1 package sleeve created by artist Winnie Truong
  • 1 kilogram of uncooked clay
  • 1 sgraffito (clay engraving tool)
  • 1 cardboard support to carry out its shaping
  • The password to access the exclusive content of the Secure Zone
  • 1 Artist presentation flyers

The creation set will allow you to familiarize yourself with the techniques of clay engraving and the pinch pot technique.

Video tutorials are available in the secure area of ​​the Mobile Museum. The password is provided in each of the boxes upon purchase.

Taxes and delivery charges. Free delivery for purchases of $100 or more.

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About Fanny Mesnard, artist presented in the package

The artist creates whimsical and magical universes. She develops a personal mythology, creating tales with her half-human, half-beast, half-vegetable characters. For Colis d’art, she shaped an army of ceramic fairies, a long creative process carried out in collaboration with the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec, which made it possible to shape, assemble, engrave and fire each of the works at the hand, which makes them both unique and multiple.

To learn more about the work of this artist, visit her website


About Winnie Truong, the artist presented on the sleeve of the package

Focused on drawing, collage and animation, the artist explores the notions of identity and feminism through surreal universes where the human figure and nature coexist and borrow from each other. Through compositions that bring together and superimpose her drawings with lines of soft colors, Winnie stages fabulous gardens where bodies coexist with plants and borrow from their appearance to camouflage themselves there.

To learn more about the work of this artist, visit her website

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